Magazine, Newspaper and TV Ads Precipitate Online Searches

Magazine, Newspaper and TV Ads Precipitate Online Searches

In a recent analysis of BIGresearch's Simultaneous Media Survey conducted for the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, consumers said that they were most motivated to begin an online search after viewing:

  • Advertisements in magazines (47.2%)
  • Newspapers (42.3%)
  • Ads on TV (42.8%)
  • From reading articles (43.7%)

Women were more likely than men to be motivated (to begin an online search) by coupons (41.8% vs. 29.0%), and in-store promotions (29.0% vs. 24.5%). Men were more driven to start an online search based on a face-to-face conversation (36.1% vs. 29.5%).

Mike Gatti, Executive Director of RAMA, said "...While search engine marketing continues to be a popular strategy, retailers should not lose sight of traditional advertising channels to promote products and services."

After searching, online consumers said they are most likely to communicate with others about their search through:

  • Face-to-face discussion (68.9%), though
  • Email (53.1%)
  • Telephone (50.9%)
  • Cell phone (30%)

Young adults 18-24 are also taking advantage of an influx of new media by communicating about service, products and brands through:

  • Instant messaging (37.5%),
  • Text messaging (23.7%)
  • Online communities (20.6%).

Shoppers continue to use the web as a resource before determining which items to buy and where. According to the survey, 92.5 percent of adults said they regularly or occasionally research products online before buying them in a store. Products that are most often researched online before being purchased in a store include:

  • Electronics (50.8%)
  • Apparel (31.9%)
  • Appliances (27.0%)

Men were twice as likely as women to shop for automobiles online (20.2% vs. 10.2%), though women research home décor products more often than men (18.9% vs. 11.6%).

For additional information, please visit BIGresearch here, or the National Retail Federation here.

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