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Is The Google-Too-Powerful Argument Passé?

Given that the search giant is still a long way away from cornering the new media market, these Google-will-takeover-the-world stories seem either anachronistic or ahead of the their time, depending on your bias. Nevertheless, Business Week offered a story on the potential dominance of the multi-billion dollar company that started it all with a search box.

In 2004, a pair of young journalists posted the tongue-in-cheek documentary "EPIC 2014" about a company called Googlezon (Google and Amazon) that comes to dominate the media--indeed, the entire information industry, through a comprehensive media and search delivery platform. Well, it turns out that's precisely Google's goal--all by itself.

Google is looking to take over traditional media on all fronts, from the inside out through video postings on YouTube and from the outside in by bringing its ad delivery system to traditional media. In 2006, advertisers shoved some $10.6 billion into the Google machine--73 percent more than in 2005. As such, it's no wonder Google, at $144 billion, is worth more than Time Warner, Viacom, CBS, Publicis Groupe and the New York Times Co. combined.

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