Alloy Opens Multicultural Division, Merges Media and Marketing

Alloy Media and Marketing announced the creation on Monday of a new multicultural media and marketing operation, called Alloy Access, from the merger of two previously separate businesses: American Multicultural Marketing and AMP Urban. With a preliminary focus on the African-American, Hispanic and urban youth markets, the new service will create customized marketing and media strategies for clients based on close observation of their target audience.

"It's a natural next step for Alloy, because it already specializes in targeted consumer marketing," says Alloy Access president Tru Pettigrew. Pettigrew positioned the merger as a recognition of Alloy's existing portfolio of capabilities, rather than the creation of an entirely new business: "We've been doing this under the radar, so to speak, because it wasn't a dedicated business. But we've had a group of people who reflected the audience in a culturally relevant way for some time."

Alloy specializes in market research, drawing on a variety of consumer panels representing niche markets. Although Alloy Media and Marketing has a strong youth-marketing business, Pettigrew says there is no specific age focus for Alloy Access, which can address niche consumers ages "five to 55," depending on client needs.



The company's multicultural business already has several major clients on its roster, including Heineken and Rockport. Plus, a new partnership with the National Association of Hispanic Publications gives it a prominent role in multicultural ad planning for newspapers.

Pettigrew also identified an "urban consumer who really transcends race and ethnicity," defined more by age and cultural self-affiliation, including tastes in music, media and clothing. The cross-platform approach embraces print and broadcast media, interactive platforms and out-of-home media in nightlife, educational and military contexts.

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