Owens Corning Continues Pink Panther Image In Ads

The Pink Panther isn't just a movie icon, he's an ad man. He will notably appear in ads for home insulation, since Owens Corning has signed a deal to continue its quarter-century use of the MGM character.

The new 15-year agreement is with the MGM Consumer Products unit, which holds the rights to the image of the famed character that first appeared on screen in 1964. A recent version of the eponymous film came out last year.

Owens Corning uses the "spokes-character" in TV ads, as well as other promotional initiatives for a range of building materials. "Studies have proven that, in the consumer's mind, the Pink Panther character connects Owens Corning," said Christian Nolte, director/strategic marketing for the company.

In 1982, an early Owens-Corning effort used the Pink Panther in a $7 million campaign, which also included the company's first sweepstakes, with a $50,000 first prize, that sought to drive traffic to retailers, according to the New York Times.

Times have changed, and the Panther now occupies marquee billing on owenscorning.com.



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