'New' Media Classifieds

Recruitment web sites monster and CareerBuilder have become go-to destinations for job listings. But they’re broad, which doesn’t work for all fields — the media business, for one. So The Nielsen Company has created a niche career service, giving employers and job seekers and access to listings from across the Nielsen (and VNU) brands, such as Adweek (including Brandweek and Mediaweek), Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, The Book Standard, and Editor&Publisher.

With the new platform and a shared database, the classifieds from these publications and related industries will be posted across all sites. “Print recruitment is on a downward spiral,” says Jeff Green, group sales director for Nielsen Business Media.

The recruitment-ad business is valued around $2.5 billion, with the ad, media and marketing portion of that worth $50 to $100 million, Green says. The sites from which Nielsen’s aggregating listings reach 3 million unique visitors a month. “We can provide a specialized audience,” Green adds.

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