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Google Is Most-Visited Web Publisher

Google continues to blow by its main competitors in just about every area in which they compete. ComScore Inc. on Wednesday said the Web giant had surpassed Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! Inc. as the Web's most-visited site, attracting 528 million visitors in March, squeaking by No. 2 Microsoft, with 527 million. Yahoo, the leader in February, was third with 476.3 million.

The November acquisition of YouTube has had a lot to do with Google's growing user-base, but comScore also attributes the gain to Google's steadily growing share of the search market-now just under 50%. Meanwhile, products like Gmail and Google Checkout are also starting to add incrementally to Google's massive user-base. "There are some people that like Google, and if Google puts anything out, they're going to use it," said Search Engine Land contributor Danny Sullivan.

There's a noticeable drop in visitors after the big three, comScore said: Time Warner's sites came fourth with 272 million visitors (a 21% gain from 2006), eBay Inc. came next with 256 million visitors, while Wikipedia had a stunning 82% rise in year-over-year visitors, at 212 million.

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