Snapple To NASA: Take Us To The New Planet

  • April 30, 2007
Snapple is petitioning NASA with a request to be considered as the exclusive beverage onboard any interplanetary flights to the Earth-like planet discovered this week by a team of European astronomers.

While the as-yet unnamed planet is more than 20 light years away, Snapple is already preparing to make its first delivery to the cosmos. Obtaining distribution rights for the new planet will give Snapple a first-to-market advantage. If the request is granted, Cadbury Schweppes says it may change all SKUs so packaging will read "Best Stuff in the Universe" rather than "Best Stuff on Earth."

The new planet, which orbits a small, red star called Gliese 581, is about one-and-a-half times the diameter of Earth, and is the best candidate so far for supporting extraterrestrial life.



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