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Prego Revamps Campaign, Doubles Spending

Campbell's will double its spending behind Prego pasta sauce this year and is launching a new TV campaign today that has more of a focus on "taste differential." The series of five television advertisements will feature celebrities and fictional characters--such as Popeye's Olive Oyl--tinkering with their Prego sauce. They all reach the conclusion that they don't need to add anything.

After getting hammered earlier this decade when Atkins dieters shunned pasta, sales of pasta sauce are simmering. Prego sales fell for three consecutive years before edging up last year by 1.4% to $250.4 million, according to Information Resources Inc.

Campbell's new campaign aims to bring attention to Prego specifically, not the entire category. It previously emphasized general benefits, such as "bringing the family to the table," says Kelly Berrie, Campbell's senior brand manager for Prego. When Prego advertised heavily, it lifted sales for all brands.

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