WPNI Vlog To See 'How the World Sees America'

  • May 18, 2007
Washingtonpost.NewsweekInteractive launched a multimedia blog called "How the World Sees America" on it's PostGlobal portal.

The feature follows PostGlobal correspondent Amar Bakshi as he travels the globe exploring how individuals in other countries really feel about America. From students to shopkeepers to celebrities, Bakshi's short videos and blog posts will provide a glimpse into how issues in America affect communities across the globe.

"This is a significant break from other forms of online journalism where a videographer spends three weeks making a 5-minute clip," said Bakshi.

Readers will help guide Bakshi's travels by voting on destinations, interview questions and relevant topics, in addition to the world events that may dictate his itinerary. "The idea is to get them involved in some of the decision-making," said Bakshi.

The first leg of "How the World Sees America" features drama school students in the UK chatting about how the Jerry Springer TV series impacted their views of typical American life.



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