Toshiba, Studios Partner For Major In-Theater, Retail HD DVD Promo

In support of its line of high-definition DVD players, Toshiba is teaming with the technology partners and movie studios with whom it promotes the format for a spring marketing and retail campaign with media impressions that are predicted to reach 30 million viewers.

Trailers will run in movie theaters in front of this summer's tent-pole films, including "Spiderman 3," to educate moviegoers about the advantages of the quality and sound of HD DVD, its interactive features, and the upcoming titles that will be released in the format this year.

HD DVD offers six times the picture resolution of regular DVD, plus more audio capacity--and can be played on an HD DVD player made by Toshiba, on a Microsoft Xbox game console, or on an HP laptop, for example. Three hundred new HD DVD titles will be released in 2007.

Toshiba is offering an instant, in-store rebate on select HD DVD players in conjunction with the promotion, which coincides with the HD DVD release of "The Complete Matrix Trilogy" and other titles that Warner Home Video and Paramount--also partners in the HD DVD promo campaign--are hoping will be big sellers for Father's Day in June.



In addition, Toshiba is offering five free HD DVD movies with the purchase of any of its HD DVD players through July 31, which it has paired with the instant rebate on the HD DVD players to drive Father's Day sales. The marketing and retail campaigns for both will be supported by a multimillion-dollar, multimedia platform advertising campaign.

The HD DVD Promo Group was formed last July and is comprised of media and technology partners, including Toshiba, Microsoft, HP, Intel, Universal, HBO, and Warner Bros., which have joined forces to promote the technology behind HD DVD. Their efforts are concentrated at, where information about the experiential advantages of the technology of HD DVD can be found, as well as information about upcoming HD DVD releases.

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