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$200 Smart Pen Computer Also Records Voices

Livescribe--a "smart pen" with a computer that can record up to 100 hours of lectures and tie the recording to digitized versions of handwritten notes--is being introduced today at the D: All Things Digital conference. Notes taken with the pen can be uploaded to a laptop computer and then searched for key words.

Jim Marggraff, CEO of Oakland-based start-up Livescribe, says the new product will connect pen and paper with the digital world. Marggraff pioneered the creation of the LeapPad toys for children, the LeapPad with a microphone, and the Fly PenTop computer for kids, also made for children.

The new pen has a speaker, two microphones, a tiny display, a processor and memory, a rechargeable battery, a headphone jack and a USB connector to dock it to a laptop. It uses a special but cheap kind of paper that is littered with microscopic dots. It will debut in the fall for about $200.



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