Chase Backing Mini-Series For Hispanics On Home Ownership

Chase's residential housing loan division is following up its first-ever, in-language campaign to Chinese-Americans with a similar campaign directed at Hispanic people in the housing market.

Chase will be the exclusive advertising sponsor of "Nuestro Barrio" ("Our Neighborhood"), a Spanish-language TV mini-series about Hispanic life in the United States, set to air in New York City/New Jersey and select California markets.

The 13-episode series deals with financial issues, including money management, credit and home ownership. These are played out against the traditional Hispanic novella (soap opera) themes.

The show will air on V-Me in metro New York and New Jersey areas and in Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, Calif., at 5 p.m. tomorrow and at 4 p.m. on Sunday. Chase also will be the exclusive sponsor when the show airs in Los Angeles and San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose--the dates and times are still being finalized--and other markets nationwide, although Chase will share sponsorship with other lenders in those markets.

Funded by Freddie Mac and produced by the non-profit group Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina, the Spanish-language series features two Hispanic U.S. residents helping friends and family navigate life in the United States by sharing their experiences, offering guidance and connecting them to community resources.

As part of the sponsorship, Chase will air a 30-second Spanish-language commercial revolving around a couple imagining and dreaming about their individual visions of home ownership. It also provides a toll-free number to direct consumers to the closest Chase mortgage office with bilingual loan officers.

In March, the Iselin, N.J.-based company targeted Chinese-Americans for the first time with an in-language home-makeover program, "Better Living in the USA" about home design and ownership, and Mandarin and Cantonese ads that ran during the broadcasts on Sinovision and Sky Link.

Tom Kelly, a Chase spokesperson, says the bank is boosting its efforts to reach diversity markets.

"On the mortgage side, we think the emerging markets will be growing faster than traditional markets, so it makes sense to build off of that," he says, adding that the campaign is intended to align with Chase's efforts for its other products and services. "The goal is really to reach a broad audience. We are mass market, which means reaching all audiences and in their own language in a way that makes sense culturally."

Kelly says Chase will also customize print ads, handouts, posters and fliers for regional use.

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