Coors Leverages Dudes' Fear Of Embarrassment In Keystone Ads

It's not easy being a young male. You might mistake a cell phone conversation for a pick-up line. Worse, you might do a victory dance after scoring a touchdown in the wrong end zone. So not cool. So unsmooth!

That's the idea behind Coors' newest effort for Keystone Light, which the company says is the one thing that can be counted on to be consistently smooth. To that end, Coors is launching new national cable, out of home, radio and online executions of its "Always Smooth. Even When You're Not" campaign.

"An unsmooth moment for a young adult male could range from making a fool of himself in front of a woman he's trying to impress to scoring for the other team during a game of pickup soccer," says Ryan Luckey, Keystone brand manager. "Keystone Light is the one thing that these men can always count on to be smooth, even when their lives are not."

Online, Keystone Light is buying space on, where consumers will be able to post user-generated videos of embarrassing moments through Aug. 25.

In addition, Keystone Light will continue its partnership with Fox Sports Net's "Best Damn Sports Show Period," "The Speed Report" and the "Bob & Tom Radio Show" by bringing daily unsmooth moments to audiences nationwide.

In the new television spots, Keystone Light drinkers will be seen getting into unsmooth situations while trying to impress women in the beer aisle of a convenience store. The brand has also unveiled attention-grabbing billboards that appear to be posted upside down.

Coors Brewing Company is a subsidiary of Molson Coors Brewing Company, the third-largest brewer in the U.S.

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