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Sales Sputter For Green Machines

Early efforts to get consumers to purchase powered outdoor equipment--such as snowblowers and lawnmowers--that use alternative energy sources has had less than rousing results. For example, the response has been tepid for a propane-powered mower made by Dixie Chopper, a maker of high-end riding mowers, despite the company's efforts to drum up sales by riding a mower cross-country.

Environmentalists support fighting pollution by finding alternative-energy sources for small engines, not just focusing on cars and trucks. But it's not clear that consumers are willing to pay more for greener small engines, or that they will change their fueling habits.

The industry is under pressure to cut emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed rules that would require 35% cuts in hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide for lawn mowers, personal watercraft and other equipment powered by small engines.



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