I want it!

It hasn’t hit the market (or even started production) yet, but I just might be in love with the prototype laptop designed by Ziba and Intel.

The Metro is the thinnest notebook thus far, measuring around 0.7 inches thick and weighing in at 2.25 lbs. It sports a snazzy, leather-like folio cover with outer digital screen, which serves as both a wireless charger and display for e-mail/schedules/fave pics/etc. This means the notebook could hold its charge for up to 14 hours. Crazy. Embedded wireless chips allow for constant internet-surfing. Fingerprint protection, and hard drive killing remotes are features. It is also super-cool looking.

Though it has dozens of geek-tastic features, the selling points for me are much more realistic. I currently have a very heavy, wide-screen, battery-hungry notebook so needless to say it never travels with me to class. Having a lightweight computer slipped in with my textbooks everyday would be appreciated; moreover, having a notebook which would maintain it’s battery throughout a full day of classes, work and meetings would be a dream. Supposedly this computer is targeted to heavy-business travelers, but I think any college student would find this notebook appealing. Few people walk around all day with heavy loads of books and electronics like we do.



The obvious caveat will be the price. Because it’s new and groovy it will be expensive. I guess I’ll have to wait and see when the Metro hits the market later this year.

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