The Sean and Julie Show

  • by March 20, 2007
Not only did they show, but former Wal-Mart executives Sean Womack and Julie Roehm are onstage delivering their presentation "Marketing 2.x" to a packed ballroom. OMMA Hollywood marks only the second time they've made the presentation. They're talking about the shift from Marketing 1.0 to 2.0 now to 3.0 but who can focus on it? Well, maybe this crowd which appears receptive and open to their message about best marketing practices and evolutionary media and marketing practices. Their appearance comes as the news of Wal-Mart's countersuit broke in today's New York Times. In the countersuit, the retailer alleges a series of steamy e-mail messages between Roehm and Womack, who worked for her. The mega-retailer forbids its managers from entering romantic relationships with subordinates and accepting gifts from potential partners. Roehm was fired from Wal-Mart late last year; she sued the retailer for wrongful termination. There was a twitter after a slide of Hillary Clinton appearing on a Web video came up. The New York Senator has taken a beating in the press lately. The Roehm joked, "I'm looking forward to someone else fighting the press."
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