Setting up a hole in one

Having served at program chair for three of these Search Insider Summits now, I'm struck by the relationship of the planned elements to what attendees get out of it. The sessions are a critical part of the show. They bring out brilliant speakers who share their experiences, but the most important part is that they provide a framework to get people talking, and to get attendees thinking of some things to follow up with when they get back to work. This show is really all about setting up a framework to get people talking and then getting the hell out of the way. Golf, volleyball, cocktail parties, dinners - it's all a way to bring people together. The relationships and conversations that develop can't be controlled. It's like a golf tee - you can't play without it, but all you really pay attention to is the ball. A lot of work goes into planning the sessions, as well as the logistics like the venue, meals, activities, etc, but it's interesting to think of it all as that golf tee - the invisible catalysts that make it all happen.
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