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Kroger Markets Milk Said To Cut Cholesterol

Kroger, the nation's largest traditional grocery chain, is adding a new milk under its Kroger's Active Lifestyle brand that it says will help customers manage their cholesterol levels.

The milk uses an ingredient with plant sterols -- found naturally in some vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other foods -- that is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as potentially helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease. The CoroWise plant sterols extract, from Cargill, already is offered in a range of national brand products, from orange juice to granola bars.

The cholesterol-cutting milk adds to Kroger's expanding lines of health-conscious and natural/organic foods and the in-house brands the company sees as an important part of its profit growth strategy. Overall, lower-fat and fat-free milk sales have been increasing, while whole-milk sales have been on a decline, according to U.S. Agriculture Department statistics.



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