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Ben & Jerry's To Debut 'Duff & D'oh-Nuts' Flavor

On Saturday, Ben & Jerry's will debut a one-time-only flavor linked to the premier of "The Simpsons Movie." Duff & D'oh-Nuts is described as a combo of chocolate and cream stout ice cream with glazed chocolate doughnuts, sure to appeal to Homer Simpson.

A Ben & Jerry's spokesperson says the beer-and-doughnut ice cream was far from the most unusual one-day-only offering produced at Ben & Jerry's.

"We've done some pretty wacky flavors in the past," he said. "We've done hot chocolate, which was chocolate with chili powder, jalapeno lime. ... We've had chips 'n' dip that was an onion ice cream flavor. We thought this was an event that justified another crazy concoction."

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