Tribal Fusion's Dynamic Ads Offer Quick Customization and Targeting

Exponential Interactive's Tribal Fusion ad network has rolled out Dynamic Ads, allowing advertisers to target users by crafting customized messages from a single creative unit--a model that the company says has yielded conversion rate increases of up to 80% for some campaigns.

Advertisers submit the main variables of a campaign to Exponential, and the company crafts a template it can then use to generate multiple ads tailored to specific geographic, demographic, and behavioral targets. The Dynamic Ads service is aimed at streamlining the customization process, making it less time-consuming for marketers to hit consumers on the Tribal Fusion network with more relevant messages.

While targeting surfers based on their browsing habits, gender or location is not new, overlaying the ability to craft, deploy and test custom ads on the fly is Dynamic Ads' unique value proposition, according to Alistair Goodman, Exponential's vice president of strategic marketing. "I'm not aware of others that are providing such robust targeting capabilities with this level of message customization," said Goodman. "Dynamic Ads enables advertisers to instantly create communication with much greater relevancy and efficiency."



"We are always looking for ways to leverage technology to improve the efficacy of our advertising, and Dynamic Ads delivers that," said Allen Stern, media director at "When combined with behavioral targeting, it allows us to zero in the right message to the right consumer while keeping our production costs in line."

Exponential had tested the service with a select group of clients since the beginning of this year, and positive results fueled the move to bring Dynamic Ads full scale.

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