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Yahoo Does Another Staff Reorganization

Yahoo will undergo another management reorganization, as president Sue Decker announced that Global Sales executive vice presidenet Gregory Coleman would vacate his post by February 2008. Coleman's resignation follows the departures of CEO Terry Semel and Chief Sales Officer Wenda Harris Millard; Executive Vice President Hilary Schneider will assume his responsibilities.

Decker, in a staff memo, said the reorganization would include the creation of a new Global Partner Solutions division under Schneider, who will oversee relationships with all Yahoo partners, including advertisers, Web publishers and developers. Yahoo's Network Division executive vice president Jeff Weiner would also assume some of the responsibilities of its Local Markets and Commerce Division. Decker said the changes would "accelerate the speed of making fast, smart decisions, and create cleaner lines of accountability across key leaders."

This latest "reorganization" in the Yahoo back room is one of many over the last two years. The Web giant has struggled to keep pace with Google and Microsoft; its forays into the content business, especially, failed to bear fruit.

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