Univision Tops Latino Sites

A recent study of Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanic Internet Users conducted by Nielsen Media Research revealed that more Hispanics visit Univision.com than any other Spanish-language website and that the importance of the Internet in the lives of U.S. Hispanics has increased dramatically compared to last year.

The study also found that advertising on Univision.com positively impacts brand awareness and purchase behavior of the website's users.

According to the study, which focused on Internet usage, brand recall and consumer products purchase behavior among Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics 16 years of age and older, Univision.com was the top Spanish-language web destination for U.S. Hispanic users for the second year in a row.

Those who participated in the study said they visit Univision.com three times more often than Yahoo! en Espanol, four times more often than Terra and 30 times more often than Yupi.

Most dramatically, this year’s Univision.com users are 75% more aware of auto brands advertised on the website compared to respondents to Nielsen’s 2001 study. In addition, purchases and leases by Univision.com users of vehicles advertised on Univision.com increased by 37% over the prior year.



In the packaged goods category, study findings show that on average, Univision.com users are 35% more aware of soft drinks advertised on Univision.com than other Hispanic web users. Since last year's study, Univision.com users have purchased an average of 59% more of the beverages advertised on the site.

The study also found that the overall use of Spanish-language Internet sites is growing as more Hispanics access the Internet from home on a daily basis. An analysis of the top five Spanish-language websites mentioned in the study shows that the percent of Hispanics with home Internet access visiting these sites increased by more than 70%. Results also show that almost three out of five Hispanics with home Internet access go online at least once a day and that 95% go online at least once a week.

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