Card Sharks: 'Reno,' 'South Park' License Greetings

"Reno 911" and "South Park" are going places that Hallmark probably won't. Comedy Central, which carries the two series, has signed a deal with American Greetings Corp. allowing it to launch a line of cards incorporating multiple show brands.

Seven "South Park" cards--for birthdays and other occasions--are included. Besides "Reno," American Greetings will offer jokes and jabs related to "The Sarah Silverman Program," "Mind of Mencia" and "Lil' Bush."

"Our partnership with Comedy Central is yet another example of our commitment to truly understand what consumers find funny, so we can be sure our products deliver on that," said Michael Brown, vice president of licensing for American Greetings.

"Comedy Central is a destination for laughs for millions of people every day," he added, "and we're proud to be bringing the humor from some of the network's most recognizable shows to life in a new way."

American Greetings said the cards are likely to appeal most to men across the 18-to-34 demo--part of Comedy Central's sweet spot.

"South Park" cards are available at Target, while versions with sound bites from the show are coming to multiple retailers next year.



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