DoubleClick Launches Mobile Ad Serving Solution

  • September 25, 2007
DoubleClick, the premiere provider of digital marketing technology and services, announced the launch of DoubleClick Mobile, a new solution for media companies to extend their digital advertising business to mobile.

The solution integrates the operational processes for scheduling, targeting, selecting and delivering ads on mobile Web pages with that of existing digital channels. As a result, media companies can now use DoubleClick's publisher solutions to sell and manage inventory across online display, rich media, video and mobile.

The integration of DoubleClick Mobile with DoubleClick's DART for Publishers (DFP) platform means that everyone involved in managing digital advertising campaigns--ad sales staff, ad operations staff, account managers, traffickers, metrics analysts, campaign specialists and others--can support mobile advertising responsibilities within their current role, the company said.

Across roles and responsibilities in a publishing organization, the familiar DART interface makes managing mobile campaigns as simple as managing any other type of campaign. For example, traffickers upload mobile creatives, set the duration of mobile campaigns, and designate targeting criteria much as they would for a rich media or display campaign.



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