Motion Getting More Attention

Motion Getting More Attention, reviewing a recent study by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, reports that over half of Americans use streaming media. Additional report findings include:

- 56 percent of Internet users surveyed by CTAM have viewed video clips, or listened to news or music online.

- 27 percent of Americans surveyed, also say they are either very likely, or somewhat likely to pay a transaction fee to view full-length movies via streaming media.

- 23 percent of users were willing to pay for music online, while 20 percent were either very likely, or somewhat likely, to pay for live sports events.

- 17 percent of users were also interested in paying a transaction fee to watch trailers from recently released movies.

- one in three consumers said they have toured travel destinations online, and listened to Internet radio stations.

- one in 5 respondents, have watched news clips, or downloaded music online.

- nineteen percent of consumers surveyed in the US have taken virtual tours of homes available for sale.

- 14 percent have watched product demonstrations via streaming video.

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