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Networks Help Advertisers Find the Long Tail

Ad networks are increasingly getting into bed with news distributors like Voxant, is in the business of delivering stories from major news outlets like the Associated Press to its own network of smaller blogs and Web sites. Many of these sites are valuable to advertisers because they have loyal niche audiences, but the traffic we're talking about is very small-Donklephant, the blog has just 40,000 users per month.

However, for sites that center around granular topics, Voxant helps deliver relevant text, videos and photos to make their content richer. They also open up new ad inventory from which the publisher and news outlet profit from, in addition to providing targeted advertising for the advertiser.

But when a site generates just 40,000 users, why bother? Analysts say that roughly half of the Web's traffic is divided among sites like Donklephant. The other half goes to the Web's giants, who get a disproportionate amount of advertising. Companies like Voxant help advertisers and ad networks expand their reach to those thousands they may not have heard about before.

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