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"Educational" Ad Effort For Blu-ray

The consumer electronics companies and studios that support the Blu-ray Disc format have rolled out a new ad campaign tagged "I do Blu" with an eye toward educating consumers about the product. The new effort broke on TV during the fourth and final game of the World Series.

In it, a an HDTV and Blu-ray player hold hands via their electrical cords, while film clips from movies like "Spider-Man" and "Harry Potter" are also shown. The idea is to stress the mix of Blu-ray and HDTV. "Some people believe you can plug a DVD player into a high-def TV and that's the best you can get," says Dan Silverberg, vice president of HD media development for Warner Home Video.

The ads "marry the concept of Blu-ray discs and TV." Studios and electronics manufacturers are funding what he calls "incremental education." Through September, Blu-ray had sold 3 million software units, outselling HD DVD by a two-to-one ratio.



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