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Beyond Google: Who Will Lead Search's 3rd Generation?

  • Newsweek, Tuesday, October 30, 2007 1:55 PM
David Freedman chronicles a bit of the history of search in this piece that uncovers the "global effort" to find a better way to search for information on the Web -- noting that as users seek to get their information from more refined sources, Google's search domination seems vulnerable.

His POV stems partly from the idea that while innovative, Google is only the 2nd generation of search engines (a step up from precursors like AltaVista that only searched by keyword) and that its method of ranking by links and keywords (among other "opaque" factors) stands the chance of being usurped by an upstart that figures out the next optimal formula.

Freedman notes that Google's diversification strategy (into "Ads and Apps") may protect its position as a Web giant -- but cheaper, spunkier, more tech-savvy startups may have the edge when it comes to becoming the next search leader.

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