Pandora has opened a whole new can of worms

The online-music industry has spawned a new way for me to consume music. It's called Pandora Radio and I found out about this site from my supervisor (that's sort of interesting in and of iteself). It's sweet because I can create my own radio station, which is modeled upon my selection of a musical artists or songs I like. Not to mention, it's a free site. I can't fault that.

I have create five stations so far and I enjoy it because there is no limit to how many songs that I can have in on file. One of the better features is that I can make a radio station (ex: Mos Def) and it will play his songs and other artists with a similar style to his. However, that is also a drawback because, if I am not mistaken, my selection of music cannot be limited to just that one artist. Another feature that really bothers me is the fact that I am limited to the amount of times that I can skip over songs.

But there seems to be no limit to the ways in which Pandora Radio gives access to other sites or can be used for US listeners. I can use Pandora via phone, home or even Facebook. I can access my iTunes or Amazon and purchase any selected track or album. Who knows, Pandora may grow big enough to start its own music downloads. That would give iTunes and the others a run for their money. Now, if only our friends overseas could still take part . . . .



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