Little Fish in a Big Pond

A few months ago, my boss and I were talking about different ringtone-download sites and the site became the topic of discussion. It is a fairly decent site to download “free” - well, not actually free ringtones because there are these little thing called “texting/SMS charges” (from your carrier) that must be paid when your ringtone is sent to your cell. But it's not that bad because all you’ll pay is $.10 to $.25 per text opposed to $2.99 per text like the other sites and services.

Like mostly other sites you can preview songs, but on here, you can create your own 30-second MP3 ringtone. That is pretty cool.

There are some drawbacks for particular customers, however, namely Verizon customers. I am one of those customers. I have the Chocolate and it is NOT MP3 compatible to the website for ringtone downloads…WHAT?! That was the main reason that I got the phone because of its MP3 compatibility. That just doesn’t make any sense!

Ok, I digress. So I scoped the polyphonic ringtones—the only thing that is compatible for my phone—and there were songs that were at least 4 to 5 years old. WOW! They need a serious upgrade.

I guess all things that are “free,” are not always what they're cracked up to be.



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