Stop Leaving Money On The Virtual Table

If there was a way for your Web site to generate substantially more money with little effort, and no cost, while adding value for you users, would you do it? Of course you would. But, many online publishers aren't aware of the immediate opportunities to drive incremental revenue for their Web properties. Most only make use of traditional banner and sponsorship revenue streams, neglecting more innovative ways of actually engaging their users to meet their goals.   

All online publishers face the same challenges -- driving site traffic and increasing revenue generating opportunities, while trying to keep the user experience coherent and unobtrusive. We all know media costs are rising. Search engine marketing (SEM) prices continue to increase and search engine optimization (SEO) remains difficult and tricky.  Banner ads are also becoming more expensive. So, how can today's publishers get interested consumers to their sites and still earn profits as margins get tighter?



Online publishers need to look for additional ways to monetize site traffic. One of the most effective ways to capitalize on the traffic you are already driving to your Web property without capital investments or a site overhaul is to find creative ways to present consumers with relevant, engaging offers and promotions from leading brands -- commonly known as lead generation. Many publishers are unaware of the dozens of hidden opportunities for presenting these attractive (mostly free) offers to their visitors at various points of action during the user's typical site interaction. Many publishers are also likely to be unaware that they can add these engaging features to their sites, while still keeping a strong emphasis on usability. Just think of being able to offer savings or specials on products relevant to your users. This can be done at no cost, with minimal IT investment, and without taking the user off the site if publishers partner with the right provider.

Working with such a partner promotes immediate, long-term profits by connecting publishers to a broad selection of leading advertisers across several vertical markets - such as consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, retail, travel, education and automotive.


  • Increased revenue. Delivering relevant offers at selected point-of-action areas on your Web site, including within your site's registration process, post transaction pages, or as part of your thank-you and confirmation pages, will drive the greatest revenue. 
  • No cost. As an online publisher, you can make money without making any kind of monetary investment. These branded promotions are served using your offer provider's technology. There is no investment necessary.
  • Minimal technology and time investment. By partnering with a reputable provider who has the tools and technology to seamlessly "plug in" to your site, you can launch quickly and see immediate results.
  • Access to the big brand advertisers. Some providers can present your consumers with promotions from leading Fortune 100 brands that are valuable to your audience, generating interest and action and encouraging users to come back to your site for more of the same, all while creating an incremental revenue stream for you.  A real win-win.
  • Excellent consumer experience - A good online offer provider will allow publishers to maintain their own branding and make the consumer's experience seamless, without the consumer leaving your site.

Finally, be sure that your partner follows online lead generation advertising best practices. Be sure your partner adheres to a strict and explicit opt-in policy, and never shares data with any third parties. This will ensure that you are always acting in the best interests of your users.

Some of the biggest online publishers are already seeing the benefits of these types of opportunities. So stop leaving money on your virtual table now and learn how you can create incremental revenue streams immediately.





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