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6 Ways To Tweak The 'Contact Us' Page

Pole Position Marketing's Stoney deGuyter follows up yesterday's post on tweaking a site's "About Us" page with these ssix tips for improving the "Contact Us" section.

According to deGuyter, the "Contact Us" page could be considered the "absolutely most important" page on a site because of its critical spot along the purchase pathway. If consumers can't contact you with a question via IM, e-mail or phone, then it completely halts the shopping process. And even if your conversion metric is lead-generated, sometimes just knowing that there's a human available behind the Web site can nudge users into providing their own contact info.

So, deGuyter says, don't make it hard for them to reach you. Provide an obvious link to your contact page from every other page of the site. Think of what the most convenient contact options would be for your target and then provide them. A blogger may get along fine with contact via e-mail, but for involved purchases, giving users the option to speak to someone live may be necessary. Other tips: Keep ads off the contact page, include a map and hours of operation (if necessary), as well as links to different departments.



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