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The Big Four: Who's Best At Specific Kinds Of Searches?

  • SEO Space, Monday, November 26, 2007 2:30 PM
According to comScore's latest qSearch data report, Google (surprise!) gained the most ground in terms of market share and number of search queries. But in an informal poll, the SEO Space team asked searchers which of the Big Four (Google, Yahoo, ASK and Live Search) they liked best for specific variations on core search. Surprisingly, ASK took the top spot in over half of the categories, while Google ranked best for only one.

Yahoo came out on top in terms of general product search, a likely nod to the depth of the Web giant's shopping results, as well as the reviews, recommendations, and Yahoo Answers info users can find alongside them. Ask came in first with branded product search, returning results infused with images, product comparisons and relevant news.

Ask also took the top spots with entertainment search (for movie and concert information, etc.), famous person search, as well as geographic search (for a specific city) -- while Google reigned supreme when it came to searches for general information.

Though the SEO Space team notes that the poll results weren't "anything official," they do provide insight into how users are choosing which search engine to use, what they think of the results and clues as to areas of improvement and opportunity for the Big Four.



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