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Mapping Service Gets Into SEM With Localized Keywords

San Francisco-based Urban Mapping recently announced a partnership with another online map tech provider called Placebase, strengthening its offering of services that, according to Mike Boland, are already used by "most top tier search engines and mapping providers."

Urban Mapping's offerings help map and search providers index conversational location modifiers like "the village" (for Greenwich Village) or "southie" (for South Boston) more accurately, and give searchers better results when they use those terms.

But the company is not content to provide services just to the engines, as Boland found that Urban Mapping is poised to enter the keyword research tool space. Ian White, the firm's CEO, notes that the mapping technology can also extract data on "geographic entities" like churches, schools and parks within a specific radius of a local business and return it in keyword format.

White is hoping that both SEM firms and local business owners will begin to include this step of finding "neighborhood level modifiers" in their keyword research process.



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