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For Mobile SEO, Bango Falls Flat

Bryson Meunier has a problem with tools that are supposed to make the mobile SEO process easier, but are backed by a methodology that actually decreases the mobile content's visibility with the engines and degrades the user experience.

Case in point: UK-based Bango. The service is designed to help Web publishers promote and deliver their content to mobile users via a simple graphic called the Bango button. Webmasters can submit specific graphics or entire pages from their site to Bango, and the service crafts a temporary WAP version of it. Mobile users click the Bango button and get the content.

According to Meunier the premise is great, but the fact that the service requires users to grab and copy the temporary URL, and then enter that into their mobile browser, is not. He notes that this creates additional steps for the user, and doesn't minimize the need for mobile-specific optimization of Web content, as Bango will alert site owners that their content may not appear correctly -- but can't correct it) Meunier adds that Bango's WAP sites don't pass link popularity.



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