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Tips For Better PPA AdWords Campaign

  • PPC Hero , Tuesday, November 27, 2007 1:18 PM
Google launched a pay-per-action model for AdWords in March, but according to John Lee, the topic dropped off the industry radar after the initial buzz. While conversion-based pricing may be an excellent way to drive sales and supplement a client's existing PPC campaign, Lee notes that the lack of discussion in the blogosphere has made it tough to figure out how to fully leverage PPA.

Lee's five tips for effective PPA campaign management stem from info from Google's help center and AdWords representatives, as well as his work over the past few months at Hanapin Marketing.

The most important tip is being organized and sticking to a well-defined plan. PPA campaigns require precise product information, a clearly thought-out action (be it a sale or a lead) and a realistic price for publishers to pay. As with PPC campaigns, search marketers should focus on their pay-per-action ad's relevance.

Lee also reminds readers that the entire system is in beta -- and while there may be kinks to work out, there's no real risk with PPA, since only the clicks that actually converted count.



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