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Press Release SEO Tips Hot Off The Newswire

  • Top Rank, Wednesday, November 28, 2007 12:30 PM
Submitting a release to one of the top four newswire services isn't enough to gain Web traction for a new product or service anymore -- it's about getting online news services like Yahoo, Google and CNN to pick up the release, and helping bloggers and journalists "discover" it in the process.

Lee Odden notes that SEO is key for getting these releases into the hands of the right people, and snags press release optimization tips from experts at each of the big four newswires.

Sarah Skerik of PR Newswire advocates writing a pithy, descriptive headline that includes important keywords. "Don't be coy with this real estate," Skerik says. Meanwhile, PRWeb's Joe Beaulaurier says that site owners should create landing pages that are tied to specific keywords in the release and fill them with relevant content -- if those pages don't already exist within the site.

The most important step is to "think of the press release not just as a media relations tool," says Business Wire's Laura Sturaitis, but as "a mini Web page on the news or topic being written about." Lastly, Kevin Dill of Marketwire suggests adding multimedia like a podcast, an image, or a demo video to increase a release's visibility with social media sites like YouTube and Flickr.



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