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T-Mobile Takes Aim At iPhone In New Ads

  • Brandweek, Thursday, November 29, 2007 11:15 AM

T-Mobile has rolled out a new TV ad campaign for its Shadowbrand phones, which some liken to cheaper version of the iPhone. Tagged "The Official Phone of Fun," the Shadow is being touted as synonymous with easier communications. The first spot shows how quickly it can access the Internet and directs viewers to its Web site.

The effort will air in top shows, including "Dancing With the Stars," "House" and "CSI." "We look at the Shadow as a phone-first device to provide fun, easy and rich communications,"says T-Mobile's Michelle Webb. Notes Ryan Reith, a senior research analyst at consultancy IDC, "we expect them to do very well ... I think their offering is great in terms of bringing high-level functionality to a consumer focus."

He adds that T-Mobile and its phone maker manufacturer were "in the drawing room together, from Day One," resulting in a product with features that consumers want. And in the battle with iPhone, "the price point is the difference. They offer the same functionality in a different sense." The unit sells for $149.99 with a two-year contract, vs. a $399 price tag on the iPhone.



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