Xbox Online: Completely different gaming experience

  • by , November 29, 2007

During the much needed Thanksgiving break my Dad insisted over and over again that I try playing XBOX 360 online. After I put it off for the umpteenth time, I finally agreed to try it a few hours before I returned to school. I honestly did not believe that by playing someone that I didn't know and couldn't physically connect with, would give me any joy.

I can now say that I was wrong. I am hooked.

I played Fight Night Round 3. Even though it was only one game and lasted no more than 15 minutes, the experience superseded everything that I could have expected. The opportunity to play against various people and the many different fighting styles that they all possessed, made gaming online ten times better than playing an artificially-intelligent player. Not to mention the bragging rights that you receive for defeating another human player. I can see myself never getting bored with this.

I simply love it. I can't wait until the next opportunity to play online!



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