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New Trojan Hijacks AdSense Ads

  • eWeek, Thursday, December 20, 2007 12:02 PM

Hackers and spammers have had a ball with the search engines over the past few weeks, and the malicious fun continues with the latest attack -- this time on Google's AdSense.

Anti-virus vendor BitDefender is reporting that a new Trojan virus is hijacking certain AdSense text ads and replacing them with links to a third-party ad server. Once users click on these rogue ads, they're likely brought to a site that infects their computer with malicious code, or served the malware directly from the ad itself.

The Trojan.Quost.WU threat was discovered on Dec. 17. While BitDefender was unable to identify the virus' origin, users can check to see if they're affected using instructions on its site.

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