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Things to Consider Before Handling Search In-House

Wil Reynolds jumps into the in-house vs. outsourced search debate with a list of questions for anyone faced with making that decision.

First, ask yourself if you have access to the top SEO talent -- not just a guy or gal waving their "Google AdWords Certified" certificate in the air, but a consultant or team with in-field experience, past clients who are willing to vouch for them and a real passion for search. It may be easier to hire someone with the necessary skillset if you're in a niche market with relatively few competitors.

Next, Reynolds suggests that you really think about the quality and quantity of work you'll need. After the initial site redesign, keyword research and possible clean-up work, will you have enough projects to warrant having an in-house team?

Far from the average outsourced vs. in-house thought points, Reynolds' questions focus on the "quality of life" for your potential in-house search team --noting that keeping a search pro challenged, enthusiastic and well-paid is key to keeping them in-house. If your company can't do that, then you should hire an outside firm.



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