BPA Issues Rule Changes

The BPA Worldwide, which audits business publications and other media, issued new rules and standards for its audits at the annual meeting of its board of directors on Dec. 13. The new methodology was made public on Wednesday.

Among the new rules: publishers of email newsletters with less than daily frequency tied to print publications can offer readers the option of opting out of receiving an email alert every time a new edition of the newsletter arrives. However, they must also send a separate email allowing the readers to opt out of receiving the print publication itself.

In addition, the BPA approved a rule that allows publications to count subscriptions made by personal assistants on behalf of executives, provided that the assistant affirms that he or she either works in an administrative capacity for the executive and is empowered to request subscriptions.

Finally, BPA member publications that have been audited three years in a row no longer need to be pre-audited during their fourth year--unless during the previous three years they consistently made errors in one particular area covered by BPA rules.



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