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Green Gadgets Proliferate At Consumer Electronics Show

At the world's largest trade show for consumer electronics--starting Monday in Las Vegas--manufacturers will be talking about smart power adapters that don't waste as much electricity, batteries that are easier to recycle, and components made from plants. Many of the products at the Consumer Electronics Show will be striking rather small blows for the environment; still, going "green" can be a powerful marketing tool.

Japan's Fujitsu will show off a laptop with a plastic case made from corn rather than petroleum products. The catch is that the material still contains some petroleum-based plastic in the mix for rigidity and isn't biodegradable. The plastic still needs to be processed for recycling, after which the corn-based component can biodegrade.

Z-Power has developed a battery technology that it hopes will replace the lithium-ion batteries that power today's laptops and cell phones. Its silver-zinc batteries will show up in laptops from a "major" manufacturer in the summer, according to CEO Ross Dueber. Manufacturers are also expected to trot out computers--especially laptops--that meet the EPA's new, tougher Energy Star 4.0 power consumption requirements.



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