Facebook + Politics = Education?

On Saturday night you did not find me out with the girls, at the movies, or on a date; rather, I was watching ABC's coverage of the New Hampshire Debate and playing on Facebook. Now, if you've read this post you know how I feel about Facebook and its applications. However, as a journalist and a twenty something, I found myself drawn to Facebook's coverage and partnership.

This year the social network collaborated with ABC to present the debate and poll the public before during and after each political party spoke. This was a wonderful idea. I felt engaged and educated. I had the opportunity to read how other people my age feel about the candidates, where each candidate stands on key issues, and I felt I really listened to the candidates so I could participate in the Facebook polls. This is a wonderful way for politics to reach out to the young voters and gain information from them and keep them informed. By the end of the night an overwhelming 81% of Facebook members who participated said they have a better sense of whom they wish to vote for. Not bad.



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  1. Francisco C. cardenas from Nueve por Nueve, S.C., January 14, 2008 at 9:17 a.m.

    Not bad at all.

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