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Still More Things To Consider Before Registering A Domain Name

So you're launching a new Web site, and you have a catchy, easy-to-type URL in mind, no one else has registered it, and you've checked to make sure that the .com domain is available. It's all systems go--except Ann Smarty recommends that you follow up on a few more things before you sign on the virtual dotted line.

First, you should check to make sure that Google will not consider your domain name as a possible misspelling. Since many users enter a domain name into the search box (even if they already know it's www.[domainname].com), if they forget to add character spaces or insert spaces where there are none, the search giant may attempt to redirect them to another, "correctly" spelled URL.

Next you should check with cultural sites like Urban Dictionary to make sure that there aren't any... unsavory connotations attributed to the words in your URL. And you should also register both the plural and singular versions of your domain name, if possible.



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