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Hydrox Devotees Pressure Kellogg To Revive Cookie

In 2003, without warning or announcement, Kellogg killed off the Hydrox cookie--by then rechristened Droxies -- after failing to gain ground against the dominant Oreo, one of the country's best-selling snack foods. While aware that Hydrox cookies were becoming harder to find, many fans are learning only now they are gone and have yet to accept their fate.

"This is a dark time in cookie history," writes Gary Nadeau of O'Fallon, Mo., on a Web site devoted to Hydrox. Some devotees have collected 866 signatures on an online petition demanding that Kellogg bring the cookie back. Others in recent months have reported Elvis-like sightings--and tastings--of the defunct product.

Kellogg acknowledges Hydrox still exists in "crushed cookie form" as a mix-in for yogurt and ice cream--which explains some of the recent sightings--and in "ground cookie meal" for pie crusts. But a Kellogg spokeswoman says the company has not sold the recipe to anybody else, and there are no plans to bring back the cookie.



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