Alacra Launches Finance-Focused Ad Network, PCAN

Alacra has jumped into the ad network game with the launch of the Premium Content Ad Network (PCAN), a new pay-per-action (PPA) network geared toward publishers of finance and business-focused content.

The New York-based content management and ad services provider for the finance industry aims to help publishers monetize their content by serving ads tied to research reports and white papers contained within the Alacra Store. For example, visitors to a stock tips Web site that search for info on Microsoft will see ads related to the reports on the software giant's quarterly earnings and stock analysis --not generic ads for Windows Vista.

If a user sees the ad and ends up purchasing a document from Alacra, the publisher receives a cut of the profit, hence the PPA model. Currently, there are more than 16 million documents in the Alacra Store offering business insight into major corporations like General Electric and others. EDGAR Online and The Livermore Report are the first two publishers that have signed to be part of Alacra's PCAN network.

"We developed PCAN so publishers can offer their readers ads directly based on their specific interests--contextually relevant financial information," said Steven Goldstein, Chairman and CEO of Alacra. "This is the first online ad network specifically for financial and business content."

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