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Search News Roundup: CNN Can't Hack It And Goes Gray Hat

Bill Hartzer's news roundup includes a number of search-related tidbits from around the Web, with the lead story being CNN's inability to get, a site the network paid $750K for, up and running before CNN started driving traffic to the site with commercials. As of press time, was still not live, and the situation illustrates just how important it is for the marketing and IT departments to be on the same page when it comes to anything Web-related.

Meanwhile, has seemingly veered off into "gray hat" territory by packing a wealth of text (complete with H1 tags) below the fold--and the home page's copyright mark. With a nod to Michael Gray (who posted it first on his Graywolf blog) Hartzer notes that it's an SEO tactic that's nearly 10 years old, and while not malicious, it's not quite "above the line" either.

Lastly, Todd Friesen, director of search at Range Online Media, announced that he's leaving the digital marketing firm to head up search strategies as a vice president at Seattle-based Visible Technologies. According to Hartzer, "That's big news in the search marketing community."



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