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5 Things The NFL Can Teach You About Search

While the Super Bowl is the NFL's biggest game and largest marketing opportunity, Tom Tsinas says that the league has actually mastered the art of search as of late--leveraging the channel for year-round traffic and revenue-generation benefits.

The league recently redesigned to capitalize on Universal Search, adding optimized multimedia like video and audio clips, as well as including a searchable photo gallery. As part of the revamp, the site also now includes more fantasy football and editorial content, as well as weekly updates and analysis to keep it fresh. is the base for all of the league's communications, sharing content and driving traffic to its TV network and magazine--the signs of a well integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy. The league has also jumped into social media optimization, crafting a Super Bowl ads page on MySpace (that will likely funnel users over to for related content), as well as made full use of Web 2.0 tools like RSS feeds, blogs, mobile content and even a new widget.



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