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Setting Clear Boundaries For SEM Projects

Knowing how to set boundaries is not just a must for a healthy personal life, it's important for businesses as well--particularly when it comes to the scope of SEM projects. From creating a new PPC campaign (complete with keyword research and testing), to optimizing blog posts, to tweaking the copy on a specific landing page--every task needs to fit into the scope of work for a client, or the effort expended can quickly outweigh the service fees.

Including a "Goals and Scope" document with every client's contract can go a long way toward helping account managers and strategists discern whether a new request or project falls under the "client favor," "part of the job," or "needs a new ticket" category.

Marty Weintraub says that using the "Goals and Scope" doc has helped his search firm, AimClear, stay afloat amidst a sea of RFPs and client requests; he includes a sample template at the end of the post.



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